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 Factions In The Galaxy, Overview
 Posted: Dec 28 2015, 02:10 PM
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Factions Active on Sithspawn

Confederation of Dolomar

Confederation Military

The merit depends on the result of the work.

Documentation | Technical details vital to character creation. Historical and cultural information is an optional read, but the cultural details are recommended.

The Confederation came into power through war and violence and are by now well acquainted. The terrorists, the would be freedom fighters, and the criminal cartels will not and cannot make their great society fall, not with the military's firm hand backing their puppet governments and the old Houses of Dolomar making sure credits enter the coffers of the Confederation. They are the order against the chaos, the well dressed against the ruffians.

  • Fleet Admiral Dragomirov [NPC]
  • Fleet Admiral Katarina Vasilyev [NPC]
  • Field Marshal Avery Marin [PC]
  • Field Marshal Tha'shi Oulan [NPC]
    Ranks Navy and Army ranks can be found in the documentation, linked above. In character creation select the rank that best reflects your character's experience.
  • Judicial Department

    Chaos is the law of nature, order is the dream of man.

    Documentation | Technical details vital to character creation. Historical and cultural information is an optional read, but the cultural details are recommended.

    Born out the pursuit of order in the Confederation, the Judicial Department set their sights on the more pedestrian world. The Confederation might be fighting terrorists, but the Judges are waging a war on crime, a plight on the galaxy that cannot be defeated, only pushed back inch by inch. Their structure has spread beyond the Confederation, striking independent deals with planetary governments to serve as galactic lawmen. For many, the Judges do not represent the Confederation, they represent the law, which is something far more dangerous in the hands of the Judges.

  • Chief Consul Ilyn, Street Division [NPC]
  • Consul Dragomirov, Street Division [NPC]
  • Consul Kaverin, Tech Division [NPC]
  • Consul Hale, Detective Division [NPC]
  • Consul Mahealani, Internal Affairs [NPC]
  • Senior Judge
  • Judge
  • Rookie Judge
  • Cadet
  • Bureau of Special Affairs

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion...

    Documentation | Technical details vital to character creation. Historical and cultural information is an optional read, but the cultural details are recommended.

    The Cult, now the Bureau, has emerged from the shadows of obscurity and found a place for themselves in the galaxy. Returning from a defeat delivered to them through the combined martial might of the Jedi, Alliance, and Mando'a clans working together, they find the comforting bosom of the Confederation. The galactic power is willing to provide credits and resources to the group, for the price of supporting the Confederations goals.

    The sect of dark force users are recovering from a series of defeats and internal conflicts. Their current leader wrest control from three leaders who had grown complacent and stagnant, but during the transition of power they were caught between the fighters and fleets of the Narudar alliance. They have lost Korriban, their seat of power, and act as beggars at the table of the Confederation.

  • Secretary-General Nia'ana [PC]
  • Secretary Byron Hreidmar [PC]
  • Secretary Tristanian Pax [PC]
  • Secretary Bilial Majid [NPC]
  • Special Agent
  • Field Agent
  • Probationary Agent

  • Alliance of Free Planets

    Rebel Terrorists

    The guerrilla must move among the people as a fish swims in the sea.

    Documentation | Technical details vital to character creation. Historical and cultural information is an optional read, but the cultural details are recommended.

    Out of the death of the Republic came the rebellion. Their ideals carried the organisation through the hopeless end of the war and the intervening years. The Confederation are little better than tyrants to these freedom fighters and they make it their sole purpose to whittle down Confederate power by any means necessary. They come from all walks of life, deserters, criminals, civilians, former soldiers of the fallen Republic.

    Their tactics can be brutal, their approaches varying dramatically depending on which rebel is in charge. Their fight is primarily a covert one, but across the decades they have gained a fleet and power beyond. Gaining the independence of Bespin gave them the formal authority they had lacked on the political stage, changing their approach only slightly. Now they openly campaign on planets without heavy Confederate presence, their diplomats taking the fight out of the alleyways.

    Currently the Alliance is supported fully by the Jedi, as decreed by their council of Masters. The Mando'ade Clans are a tentative ally, forming the Narudar alliance with the rebellion, as named by the Mando'ade warriors.

  • Director of Intelligence Wes Loran [PC]
  • Director of Communication Irys Breil’sil [NPC]
  • Fleet Admiral Aella Taridon [Inactive PC]
  • Field General Decrmare [NPC]
    Ranks Navy, Starfighter Corps and Army ranks can be found in the documentation, linked above. In character creation select the rank that best reflects your character's experience.

  • The Clans of Manda'yaim

    Mando'ade Warriors

    Family is more than blood.

    Documentation | Technical details vital to character creation. Historical and cultural information for the Mandalorians is not an optional read.

    The Mandalorians are bred and born warriors, millennia of evolution have them at their peak as soldiers and warmasters. Their clans put special significance on family and tradition, but also accept renewal through adopting worthy outsider warriors who wish to join them. They only scoff at those who do not realise the Mandalorian way is the right way, free of prejudice and focused on helping their fellow warriors, either as farmers, techies, healers, or any other conceivable role.

    Currently the clans are in a tentative alliance with the rebellion, which they have named Narudar. While the Alliance calls the Jedi allies, the clans are still suspicious of the force users and only some clans accept them in their compounds and working with their warriors.

  • Mand'alor Erisi Rahl [Inactive PC]
  • Aliit'alor John Ischoron [PC]
  • Aliit'alor Orar Rahl [PC]
  • Aliit'alor Chaya Ha'rangir [PC]
  • Aliit'alor Kad Darkmune [NPC]
  • Aliit'alor Ordo [NPC]
  • Aliit Ischoron
  • Aliit Rahl
  • Aliit Ha'rangir
  • Aliit Darkmune
  • Aliit Ordo
    The clans listed above are only the active or previously active clans. If a PC wishes to make their own clan or pick a SW canon clan to bring active they may do so. Ranks
  • Ori'ramikade
  • Vod, Baar'ur, Gotabore

  • The Jedi Order


    There is no emotion, there is peace...

    Documentation | Technical details vital to character creation. Historical and cultural information is an optional read, but the cultural details are recommended.

    The Jedi, the once proud protectors of the galaxy, are now less important on the galactic stage. Still, they have their influence and their knowledge. They struggle to find their place in a universe at war, finding their Padawans, Knights, and Masters of split opinion on where they should go next, the High Council unable to come to a consensus ever since they decided to lend covert support to the Alliance. Some find their erstwhile allies in need of close watch and regulation, others outright find their tactics untenable.

  • Master Nathaniel Stone
  • Master Veyron Rumare
  • Master Shae'andri'lar Marin
  • Master Qyylendrha'xel'navith
    The High Council holds 12 members total so there is room for more PCs, but these will be expected to be active regularly and fulfill a higher standard in their applications. There are other small councils that dealt with different aspects within the order, but these are not vital to the whole. If members wish to make a PC in one of these small councils they can mention it in their applications. These are:
  • Council of First Knowledge
  • Council of Reassignment
  • Council of Reconciliation

    The Jedi Temple Guard are specifically assigned to defend either the Coruscant, Ossus, or Shedu Maad temples, but as the former two are abandoned, only the latter is relevant.

  • Master (Sage, Shadow, Watchman)
  • Knight (Sentinel, Guardian, Consular)
  • Padawan
  • Initiate

  • The rest of the best

    Civilians & Criminals

    But in war who has time for pity?

    Those without any particular official loyalties and only may have sympathies towards a particular cause. These individuals know how to make life work for themselves. Maybe they're just scared, not willing to engage the quiet war raging in the spacelanes. Maybe they're taking advantage of the situation to make as many credits as possible. Whatever their reason, they make their way through the galaxy alone.

    Cardinal Syndicate

    The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in making history.

    A still-growing crime organisation established roughly thirty years ago, the Cardinal Syndicate began on Coruscant and maintains its largest operations on the planet, but has several operations throughout the core.

    The Syndicate focuses on smuggling, black market businesses, and various gambling establishments. They stay clear of slavery and make a point of eradicating crime organisations involved in it.

    Led by the illusive Cardinal, the group has an attitude of "by the people for the people." They strive to improve conditions in the lower levels of Coruscant, bringing establishments and groups under their control to stamp down violent clashes in the streets and increase revenue for themselves.

    The Syndicate is well known for providing "donations" to local clinics, shelters, and non-profits. Their bottom line is the greater good for the people, no matter how many rivals they have to kill.

    Despite vying for this rosy reputation as a supporter of the community, the Syndicate is well known for adopting "salt and burn" strategies to opponents who refuse to cooperate.

    Crime Lord: Kit Adalian (as The Cardinal)
    Underbosses: N/A

    The Vigilantes

    Sub-group operating independently.

    The vigilantes are a group of individuals well trained in various forms of combat. There are many wild theories and myths about this group. Some doubt that they are a cohesive group. Some think they're ghouls and ghosts from the lower levels punishing Coruscant for its decadent ways. Others think they're just terrorists masquerading as justice seekers.

    They have been tied to various operations, both dismantling slave rings and assassinating important people. There is no confirmed information about their movements.

    Sightings of them tend to describe full masks and helmets obscuring their features, showing different archaic animal motifs, encouraging the myths around them.

    Cortana Dindrane, Dragon Mask.
    Nereus Sark, Wolf Mask
    Teucer Achean, Hawk Mask

    Dindrane's Private Investigations

    Private Eye for the Desperate Guy.

    The investigative arm of the vigilante movement, Dindrane's PI offices has secretly been spearheading a move to fill in the vacuum of the crime groups the vigilantes are dismantling or scattering. The aim is to take over in the power vacuum and prevent excessive crime aimed at the average citizen.

    Main Investigator: Cortana Dindrane

    Criminal Cartels

    Galactic criminality.

    The Besk Kajidic operates out of Hutt Space and is led by the Umbaran Sabriel Wickham through a combination of fear, force, and desire for credits. She took over the Kajidic from the Hutt Ussul Besk. Secretly, she is the majordomo for the real power behind the Besk Kajidic, Lady Nia'ana of the Cult.

    The Bespin Kajidic operates from Bespin, led by the Hutt Beraal. They have an agreement with the Alliance over shared governance of the planet. Running a legitimate operation on Bespin in refining tibanna gas, they also have an interest in the more illegal areas of smuggling and weapon trafficking.

    The Exchange, operating out of Nar Shaddaa but with galaxy spanning interests, concerns themselves primarily with spice refinement and smuggling, extortion, weapon trafficking, slave trading, and bounty hunting.

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