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 Guidelines & Rules
 Posted: Dec 26 2015, 10:57 AM
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Welcome to Sithspawn!

This should be your first stop in exploring the forum before you decide to join us. We have some particular guidelines for new members to follow. There are no secret codes hiding in any droids here, just make sure to have read and understood the rules. We are a Star Wars forum dedicated to play-by-post roleplay, set outside of the Legend timeline of the old Extended Universe. In terms of Star Wars properties, we are set somewhere between the Knights of the Old Republic materials and the start of the Prequel trilogy.

  • We are a forum primarily dedicated to a galaxy spanning war, so it won't be all butterflies and sunshine. There will be concepts and ideas that may be disturbing. However, this is a free forum so to uphold the TOS, excessive violence, sexual imagery, or foul language should not be used.
  • It is important for the community that every member behave in a respectful manner towards others on the site. This is to say that offensive, degrading, or aggressive behaviour is unacceptable and we have a no-tolerance policy.
  • If you end up in a situation where someone is throwing abuse your way, please come directly to a member of staff and report it.
  • We have a site Discord channel, which can also be found under the toggle to the left. We would highly recommend members use it. The on-site chat is guest friendly, so you do not need to have a Discord account, simply input your wanted name.

Joining & Creating Your Account

For ease of use many use OOC accounts on the site, which is a base account for out of character activities with IC accounts linked to that central account, which allows you to post to all accounts without logging in and out. However, this is optional, if you do not think you will have more than one character, feel free to jump directly to making an IC account.

Character accounts should be named with the first & last name of the character or the full single name if the character is a Wookiee, Twi'lek, or similarly named species. There are no limitations on character names so long as you have justifiable reason behind them.

Character creation

Being the very point of this role playing forum, the character creation process will be the trickier and more detail-oriented part of the process. Our thoughts and guidance regarding the process can be found in the Character Creation Guidelines along with the application template you must use for posting your application. Make sure you follow the guidelines laid out and if you have any questions or concerns on some aspect of the process, feel free to contact staff or ask other members for guidance. As mentioned above, we can always be contacted on the Discord channel.

Threads & posting

Once you have been accepted and have posted in Face Claim and Who's Who, you're free to begin your adventure! There are no minimum word counts to reach on this site, but we ask that everyone give their RP partners enough material to work with. We will not be checking anyone so it falls to RP partners to keep each other enthusiastic and engaged.

Threads must be placed in the appropriate forums, divided by the rims and a general space category. If your thread is taking place on a particular planet you need to place it in the appropriate sector. Threads taking place in the past of the current IC year should go in the Memories forum.

It is recommended that you include a "attn: username" or a "tag: username" if it is a private thread, and a general "open" tag when you are inviting anyone to participate. Jcink now also lets you @ tag accounts by simply selecting the provided button in the toolbar while posting.

Plots & plotting

Member interaction is key to successful RP. We encourage everyone to get to know each other in the chat (which you can toggle on and off in the sidebar to the left) and to respond to each others Plotters. If you join the Discord channel members can be assigned permissions that open up designated areas for plotting.

Feel free to check out any Wanted Ads as well.

Any major faction plots are pushed forward through the efforts of members and their characters through the Mission & Points setup we have.

Anything that changes the political landscape of a planet or a system is considered a major event, even if no specific faction is involved, and opens up the opportunity for characters to manipulate these events through threads.

Personal plots can be set into motion at a member's discretion.

Additional Information

Now you know how to behave on the forum and what to do before and after joining. However, you are still missing a lot of information that will ease your way. Look over and carefully read the Codex, which contains any information you need to know.

Legends Or?

Sithspawn was based on the lore in the former Expanded Universe, now known as Legends. Following the decision by Disney to de-canonise everything created before April 25, 2014, except the films, we now operate in a purely Legends lore period. As a result, the Star Wars properties produced under Disney, like Star Wars Rebels, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and the new EU books are non-canon. This means only lore found in the Legends tabs on Wookieepedia, sourced from Legends materials, is considered "correct" on Sithspawn. Additionally, as a result of the time between Sithspawn's start and the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic and subsequent additions to the lore, TOR is also not canon on Sithspawn.


Icons on the forum are 250x350 and the mini-profile icon is 210x110 and we ask that you follow these dimensions and any others specified. Any images you decide to put into your signature code must not stretch or otherwise disrupt the board.


We do accept both forums wanting to affiliate and forums wanting to advertise in our advertising forum. Any advertising and linking to outside forums outside of sanctioned areas will be deleted and any member found doing this will receive a warning.
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