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 Here's The Thing, Attn: Zeke
Rhia Ischoron
 Posted: Oct 1 2017, 10:32 AM
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At this point, she should've been reasonably acclimated to the Foreigner's day-night cycle, but it was 3AM and Rhia was awake in her bunk. Sleep clung to her eyes but her thoughts ticked by too quickly for her to find some peace.

The bunk room was noisy with the snores of other Mando'ade. The curtain to her capsule bunk did nothing to muffle the noise, but it kept it dark and private at least. Turning over, she fished her comm. from her bed and quickly typed out a message. She didn't expect to get an immediate response, not knowing what time it was where he was, but pressing send was already like the flipping a pressure relief valve, and sleep started to beckon.

So I think I'm going to talk to him. Bury the hatchet.

Zeke would know what she was on about. Stars knew he'd heard about her issues with Ilian a dozen times over.

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Ezekiel Valtieri
 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 06:13 PM
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Sunlight filtered through the lace curtains draped over numerous portholes. The Axiom bobbed lightly on the morning tide. It was an odd sensation to get used to, bringing to mind his brief experiment with a water bed. This was less troublesome for his spine than that had proven, and the firm mattress provided far more leverage for nocturnal activities.

Moving gently so as not to disturb his still dozing companion, Zeke reached for his comm to check any messages that may have come through in the night. The usual bundle of notices and listings were lazily scrolled through, until something a good deal more interesting was reached.

The zeltron pursed his lips for a few moments. Indeed the meaning of the message was immediately clear, and for several moments he considered how best to approach the issue. True, a decent amount of time had passed for the emotional wounds to heal, but the potential for reopening them seemed high. At the same time, he felt no small amount of pride in the epicanthix for desiring to seek some form of reconciliation.

At last, with a wry grin, he typed back.

Spine or skull?

Trusting she'd find the humor in the violent joke, he set the comm back on the nightstand. A watery whisper had alerted him to his companion's wakeful state, as had the series of slender tendrils brushing hungrily over his torso. Shirra Tiel, the priapulin administrator he'd come to visit, seemed eager for another go.
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