Sithspawn Timeline

Below is a summarised timeline of events on Sithspawn detailing what has happened on-site and most recently, starting from the current year and going back in time.

We use a on-site calendar that uses Before the Revolutionary Era (BRE) and After the Revolutionary Era (ARE) as date markers for Sithspawn only events. We have marked 3000 BBY for context in the broader SW timeline.

305 ARE


Denon: Tensions

The martial law in place on Denon continues to create friction between both criminal, rebel, and government groups. The aggressive tactics of the planet governor is pushing the planet and its denizens to their breaking point.

304 ARE
Jedi Revealed

The Jedi Order experience internal conflict when a faction of Jedi protest their involvement in the war and the proposed idea of revealing themselves as openly opposed to the Confederation. Their hands are tied, however, when Jedi Shadow Marin takes the decision out of the Council's hands and reveals it to the Confederate Grand Marshal Avery Marin.

Mando'ade Leadership

The Mandalorian Clans are in an uproar as their Mand'alor has been taken out of the fight and are squabbling over who should take the mantle to replace her. One vocal faction charges to the fore in favour of abandoning their cooperation with the Alliance and taking the fight to the Confederation alone, many others cite the Jedi as a reason to split away. Others still cite caution and are in the process establishing a replacement leadership council as Erisi Rahl is not dead, only in a coma.

Dark Plots

The Cult of Sadow approaches the Confederation in the power vacuum after Grand Admiral Stone's death. Lady Nia'ana secures the Cult a place as a sub-department in the Confederate Intelligence Division, functioning largely independently. The Cult of Shadow changes guise into the Bureau of Special Affairs, a Force specialist unit.

Iridonia: Diplomacy

The infamous Lelouch Villa and Constance Bravil attend a diplomatic mission to Iridonia that ends in failure. Lelouch Villa is court martialed and dishonourably discharged from the Confederate military following the diplomatic disaster. Villa is later found assassinated.

303 ARE

Death of a Leader

Grand Admiral Xira Stone is assassinated at the beginning of the new year by local Alliance operatives on Iridonia in retaliation to the destruction of the shipyards, predicting a dark and chaotic future ahead.

Denon: Lockdown

Confederate commando unit Renegade Squadron sabotage an Alliance photon torpedo factory on Denon. Mercury Flux dies in the mission. Martial law is declared on Denon in the aftermath of Alliance retaliation, which were attacks on major military and government locations and an assassination attempt of the governor.

302 ARE

Bespin: Contested

The Jedi, Alliance, and Mando clans come together to hit Bespin. They successfully eject the Confederate defence fleet from of the system. Confederate attempts to retake the planet fail. Bespin becomes the first planet to openly cooperate with the Alliance. The Alliance relocates their major cell, 'Payload', from Corellia to Rhen Var, amid fears that their position has been compromised.

Iridonia: Crippled

Grand Admiral Xira Stone destroys the Iridonian shipyards, ruining a vital resource for the Alliance, but making enemies of the Iridonian government.

301 ARE

Cult: Coup

The number of Cultists that survived the assault on Korriban and seeks out shelter in their other boltholes settles on Molavar. It is here the newly appointed Triumvir Nia'ana leads a coup against the other Triumvir leaders, killing Dresden and sending Belten Mondi into hiding. Nia'ana assumes the mantle of Darth Depravia, Dark Lady of the Cult and sole leader. She then relocated the Cult to a Lucrehulk bulk freighter, to keep them moving and out of

Korriban: Assault

The Jedi, Alliance, and Mando'ad Clans assault Korriban, targeting the Cult. Without support from the Confederation, the Cult suffers heavy losses and abandons Korriban. Triumvir Jeraal is killed by Jedi Master Shay Marin. Champion Tristanian Pax is captured by Jedi Master Nathaniel Stone. Several Cultists go missing or are killed in the aftermath.

300 ARE

Korriban Revealed

Shay Marin discovers the location of a main Cult base of operations on Korriban. She brings this information to the Jedi High Council, who approach their allies.

Onderon: Assault

The Alliance commences an operation to bomb Confederate bases in the wilderness of Onderon from orbit. They lay waste to the planet's surface Confederate facilities. No civilians are killed, but Confederate propaganda spreads false information that there are civilian casualties.

Bespin: Hetty'c Gi'e

The Mandalorian Clan's launch an offensive on the military facilities on Bespin titled Operation Burning Fish in their native language. The majority of the chain of command of Bespin's Confederate garrison is removed and the military base crippled.

Secret Handshake

Shay Marin of the Jedi Order approaches Wes Loran, the Director of Intelligence for the Alliance, suggesting cooperation between the Jedi and the Alliance. The Alliance accepts their aid and cooperation. It remains a secret alliance.

Cult: Political Suicide

The progress of the Cult in ingratiating themselves to the Confederation is stalled as Grand Admiral Xira Stone vehemently protests against any cooperation with the Force users. Their Confederate support dries up and their resources begin running out. The truth behind the Cult falling out of favour is Grand Admiral Stone's discovery that the Cult were behind the deaths of multiple Senators on Coruscant.

Allies of Convenience

After months of negotiations, the Alliance's Grand Admiral Aella Taridon and the current Mand'alor Kyr Ad agree to cooperate in the war. This alliance became known colloquially as simply "Narudar" among both the Alliance and Mandalorian clans.

Mandalore: Attack

Conflict over border planets increase between the Confederation and the Mandalorian Clans. Hostilities escalate until the Confederation launches a major offensive at the planet Mandalore. Keldabe is bombed from orbit, but Mandalorian forces push back the attack. Confederate forces withdraw, having achieved their desired show of force and might. The Alliance and Jedi Order send relief groups to Mandalore.

299 ARE

The Cult approaches the Confederation and suggests a cooperation between the two groups. Grand Admiral Xira Stone agrees to the current Cult leader's suggestion, but it remains an informal cooperation, still being debated among the Confederate brass.

279 ARE

Galactic Rebellion: The Alliance of Free Planets is established, spearheaded by former Corellian and Republic military officers.

Fall of the Republic

275 ARE

Fall of the Republic: The Republic succumbs to Confederation conquest. Some Republic and Corellian officers are offered a commission in exchange for denouncing the Republic. The Confederation gains control of the majority of the galaxy.

274 ARE

Corellian Forces Defeated:The Confederation defeats Corellia. Corellian military leaders flee to safe harbours or are captured and executed by the Confederation.

267 ARE

Beginning of the Republic-Confederate War: The Confederation leads a series of attacks on key Republic defensive positions. The Republic mobilises its armed forces. The Jedi Order remains unaffiliated in the conflict.

265 ARE | 3,000 BBY

Dolomari Republic withdraws from the Republic. The Dolomari Armed Forces lead a coup against Dolomari Republic leaders. The Confederation of Dolomar is established, a military state.

Historic Timeline

The historic timeline is not necessary information for play on Sithspawn, it is simply flavour.

1 ARE until 266 ARE

The galaxy prospers under the leadership of the Republic.


The end of the dictator finally arrives after thirty years of on and off warfare. The Coalition reforms the Galactic Republic, Corellia and Dolomar spearheading the formation of the new galactic government. What follows is a focused diplomatic campaign to unite the majority of the galaxy under the Republic.

The Jedi suffer heavy losses fighting against the dictator, but turn their attentions to the Jedi exiles who defied the Order and waged war. The Order, sensing the influence of dark ideas, pursue the exiled Jedi as apostates. In the end, the Jedi Order believes they eradicated the splinter group. In truth the Jedi exiles, now finally embracing the teachings of Sadow without hesitation, survive the attempt to eradicate them and establish their tradition of mystery and secrecy.

23 BRE

The dictator moves against more powerful systems capable of putting up a resistance. Led by Corellia and Dolomar, most of the remaining free planets form the Coalition to resist Coruscanti aggression. War breaks out between the Coalition and the dictator. The Jedi Order, aligned with the Coalition, join the war.

30 BRE

The Galactic Republic, unable to contain the revolution, collapses as military coups take place on several planets at once. The Republic's leaders, including almost the entire Galactic Senate, are executed. The leader of the biggest revolutionary group, known now only as the Coruscanti Dictator takes over several of the Core Worlds. What follows is the persecution of anyone who could stand against the new state forming. The Jedi Order are labelled enemies of the state, abandoning their temples and fleeing to Tatooine, making the Dune Sea their home. The exiled Jedi, on the cusp of becoming the Cult of Sadow, begin a guerilla war against the dictators forces.

37 BRE

A group of Jedi break off from the Jedi Order during a disagreement over whether or not to act during the revolution on Coruscant. They become exiles, make their home on Korriban. In short order they encounter the Force echo of Naga Sadow of the Sith, kneeling at his spectral feet to write down his wisdom and knowledge. Later, they named themselves the Cult of Sadow.

45 BRE

Revolutionary fervour grips Coruscant, later named the Coruscanti Revolution. The movement builds steadily over the years, its members gaining more and more political power and clout in the machinery of government. While it claims to be seeking justice and order for the common people, the true goal of the revolutions leaders is the complete militaristic takeover of the galaxy.

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