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Welcome to Sithspawn!

After a slow period over the autumn and winter of 2017, Sithspawn's steadily picking up again in 2018. Welcome to Chris, Lucifer, and Aaron in the Discord server! We're looking forward to seeing where you take your characters.

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Current Situation

With the revelation at the end of 304ARE that the Jedi Order is working with the Alliance of Free Planets, the Confederation of Dolomar did not hesitate to declare them enemies of the state. As a result, the Confederation issued a contract to all legitimate bounty hunter groups and guilds on Jedi.

Seeing a chance to attempt to grab the authority the Jedi previously held under Confederate rule, the Cult of Sadow joined the Confederation of Dolomar and became the Bureau of Special Affairs under the Confederate Intelligence Department. The growing pains are continuing, the ancient cult struggling to come to terms with the regulations and organisation of the more formal stratocracy.

The Mandalorian Clans found themselves in a leadership crisis when their Mand'alor Erisi Rahl was attacked and knocked into a coma through unknown poisons by an as of yet unidentified assailant. In the same attack multiple Rahl and Ischoron vode were killed as well, as it happened during a marriage between two members of their clans. There is a temporary council of aliit'alore put together to lead the clans while the Mando'ade baar'ur try to find a cure for their leader.

The Alliance of Free Planets worry about the state of their allies and the possibility of losing the support of the Mandalorian Clans during the leadership crisis if those who protested against the alliance when it was established in 300ARE decide to grab this opportunity.

Galactic Events

Tensions on Denon escalate as the martial law put in place two years ago is still firmly in place. Rebel groups, Confederate loyalists, and opportunists lead covert and overt protests in defiance or support of the local governor. News in and out of the Denon system is restricted, with travel under heavy scrutiny. Denizens attempt to lead normal lives even as the threat of bombings, attacks, and riots loom.

Mystic Venus drops her new album to resounding cheers across the galaxy. The galactic superstar's fifth album, 'Tangerine Kisses,' is well on its way to becoming the next galactic hit. Venus is planning on launching a tour through the Core, Inner, and Mid Rims to thank her fans for their dedication. A percentage of the proceeds will be given to The Norman and Valzeek Charity for Wartime Orphans.

Coruscant crime statistics are on the increase this year, already showing more organised and violent crimes than last year during this time. The Judicial Department spokesperson says the Judges are cracking down on crime and vigilantism, as they believe the sudden increase is connected to a new vigilante group taking matters into their own hands.

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